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  • Katt Shea, Critically Acclaimed Working Film Director
  • Cold Readings Acting Class after 15 Minutes - Katt Shea Los Angeles Acting Classes
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Taught by Critically Acclaimed Director, Katt Shea



Feature Film Director Katt Shea personally teaches a breakthrough on-camera COLD READING, AUDITION TECHNIQUE, ACTING CLASS for professional and about-to-be professional actors in Studio City California. She also offers private coaching VIA SKYPE, GO TO MEETING, ZOOM, AND FACETIME for actors all over the world.

Working with Katt almost instantly improves your confidence and frees you up to be fully in the moment, living it and owning it. You find yourself expressing in a way you’ve never been able to before. In the space of one class, there is profound improvement. Often actors readings go from being good to being bookable — And you see your videos right after class so you can track your progress. 

Class is on-going and affordable so you can continue to “workout,” staying in shape for that life changing audition that always seems to come when you least expect it.

For a Limited Time, Katt is PERSONALLY teaching the beginner/intermediate classCLICK HERE to sign up now before her next movie goes into production. Teens and kids are welcome at Katt’s Studio.

Most of the videos shown above are the cold reading/booking class that were taped after only ten minutes of prep with Katt. She has helped to start the careers of many well-known actors such as, DREW BARRYMORE, LEONARDO DICAPRIO, MENA SUVARI, CHRISTINA APPLEGATE AND ALISON LOHMAN. She has also worked with: ANGELINA JOLIE, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ALY MICHALKA, KATHY BAKER, TOM SKERRITT, MELISSA GILBERT, SARA GILBERT, CHERYL LADD and many more.

“This is the only affordable class of its caliber.” –Dan White


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Actor Bookings

Justin Prentice

Network series regular, “Malibu Country” and "13 Reasons Why"

Andrea Londo

Mayans MC, FX - Series Regular
“you are the only coach I’ve ever worked with”

Tommie Earl Jenkins

"The Politician", Netflix

Michael Masini

Birds of Prey, WB feature film alongside Margot Robbie / You Are My Friend, Feature Film alongside Tom Hanks / Recurring role, “Modern Family” & “Anger Management”

Dawson Fletcher

“Big Bang Theory” & Recurring Disney Pilot

Matt Medrano
"Banshee", Recurring Role

Jax Malcolm

"Crazy Ex Girlfriend" - Guest Star

Shin-Fei Chen

"Casual Encounters: Philadelphia True Crime Confessions", "This Is A Test!" & Chinese Burn - TV Series

Moxie Owens

Non union Feature Film, "Girl Lost"

Kat Russell

Co-star, Ratched

Emilio Palame

Produced & directed a new series pilot.
Supporting leads in Movies on Netflix: “Expelled”, “Prodigy”

Elizabeth Navello

Starring, The Tenth Lodge, Lionsgate.

Ella Chamie

Ella was cast in a non-union feature film “The Great I Am”

Jesse Medeles

Jesse Medeles, recurring role on Coyote, Sony Pictures Television

Katt Shea, Director, Nancy Drew 2019, Warner Brothers #NancyDrew

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Sophia Lillis

Sophia Lillis
I learned so much working with Katt on the set of Nancy Drew! We did lots of exercises with the other actors, which not only loosened us up, but broke the ice between us all, which made working together easier. All of her tips and teachings helped me feel confident in my acting, and I truly believe that I’ve grown more as an actor then I’ve ever had on a film shoot. I still do Katt’s exercises before a scene. :)