On-Camera Self Tape Audition Technique


GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD & INTO THE MOMENT – an on-going, on-camera auditioning class personally taught by acclaimed director KATT SHEA.

THIS GROUND BREAKING SELF TAPE CLASS puts the tools in your hand to be able to LIVE a scene fully and completely.  The things that other teachers only TALK ABOUT is fully experienced when working with Katt. Every actor works 4 times per class and has access to all videos which they can download, usually within 24 hours of class.

The class itself is based on exercises that help free up natural instincts within us. The audition process is a tough one. Often when the time comes to walk into a room of strangers who are judging you, even very good actors are unable to express freely. Even those of us who have extensive credits and are experienced actors freeze up when a camera is pointed in our face and we are instructed to state our name and instantly perform. Nerves, fear, and trying too hard, prevent us from being in the moment and having fun. Being free, authentic and in the moment are elements that make an actor great.

Katt frees us to trust ourselves. Using scripts from current movies and TV shows THE CLASS IS FUN and in the space of ONE session improvement is obvious. Often, after working with the technique for a while, students find that they can laugh or cry appropriately without preparation. In comedy, actors are freed to take chances they would otherwise be too inhibited to make. This class not only helps you with auditions, it makes you a better, more expressive, more instinctual actor.

Katt’s technique works for beginners, teens, kids as well as the seasoned professionals, many whom have commented that they got their joy of acting back.

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