Christina Applegate

Actress, Producer

”It was amazing working with Katt. It took my acting to a deeper level.”

Alison Lohman


“You have given me confidence and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel like I can do anything now. Never have I trusted someone so much.”

Sophia Lillis


I learned so much working with Katt on the set of Nancy Drew! We did lots of exercises with the other actors, which not only loosened us up, but broke the ice between us all, which made working together easier. All of her tips and teachings helped me feel confident in my acting, and I truly believe that I’ve grown more as an actor then I’ve ever had on a film shoot. I still do Katt’s exercises before a scene. :)

Drew Barrymore

Producer, Actress

“Thank you! You helped me so much. I love you…”

Mike Masisni

Recurring role, “Modern Family” & “Anger Management”

Jeff Kleeman

President of United Artists, Producer, Writer

I’ve had the opportunity of observing Katt teaching a class and it was no surprise to me that she is a top-notch teacher. She has incredible focus, commitment, and grace. I’ve worked with her multiple times in the past and those experiences make me hope that I’ll find many opportunities to work with her in the future.

Trevor Strem

“You’ve helped me so much. I’ve only been acting for six months and I’ve booked 5 jobs”

Barbara Fisher

“My callbacks have increased by 50%. My Casting Director workshops have gone much better. CDs now love me. My feedback is tremendous.”

Valerie/Cody Sullivan

Actor, Cinematographer

“Your class has helped Cody with his confidence level a great deal. I can honestly say that his callback rate has also increased for both drama and comedy projects; TV, Film, and commercials. As a parent I love seeing the videos of what he’s accomplished each week.” (Cody booked a lead in a feature film, title role in a network sitcom, reoccuring role on TV drama while in class)

Christina Bertuck

“Because of my work with Katt I have gotten one of the best agents in the city. I just went on for my first audition, a series regular on a Nickelodeon show.”

Jeff Rosick

Actor, Composer

“I’m so excited Katt! Thank you for all you are and all you do for us actors. I wouldn’t have gotten this phenomenal opportunity without you in more ways than one, so thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an inspiration.” (Booked a series regular role, last season, Friday Night Lights)

Lisa Strem

“I’m so sorry Trevor missed your class today! He was called for an audition so we ran out of the house & in my haste, I forgot to contact you. The good news is he booked the project!”

Jack Russo

”I love the fact that you actually participate (3 times) every class! It keeps you so well oiled for auditions. Other classes you sit around and watch scenes that students rehearsed for weeks, and that are not even close in quality to what we see in this class. The spontaneity keeps everything alive and real.”

Christopher Parker

”Before Katt taught in Studio City, my wife didn’t want me driving from L.A. to Santa Clarita for class until 3 weeks in, when I started booking jobs. Then she said, “Go, go!”… After 25 years I was about to quit acting until a friend convinced me to try Katt’s class. I got my joy of acting back and money coming in.”

Matt Wizniak

“This class brought me out of a ten-year slump. It’s like a rebirth for me.”

Mark Matkevich

“This is the best class I have ever taken.”